History of Marketing in One Giant Image

In the past five years, marketing has advanced tremendously with technology enabling ever more refined data and behavior analysis. What was once theory or a rule of thumb is now provable fact for your audience in ways that would make Mad Men drool.

But it is good to review how we got here. Marketing, it turns out, goes a long way back to the Egyptians who first branded their cattle in 2700 BC. It is important to review the history of your chosen profession because some of the great “innovations” of today are often re-hashed versions of what someone did 100 years ago. The great thing is that the direct marketing techniques of the 1960s-90s are today’s growth hacking tools with improvements in speed, data collection, and audience targeting.

Take a look at this infographic I helped create with the folks at RingLead and my friends at Perkuto. Perhaps it will spark an idea or two for you too!

Evolution of Marketing Infographic

A Final Lesson in Logic for Marketers

In the past few weeks, we covered basic logic lessons for marketers and the finer points of Marketo logic operators. Beyond this, there is a whole world of logic and languages out there. I have seen a lot of “marketing operations” roles that ask for database programming skills. These are typically at very large firms with very large databases. The more you know about these database languages, the more valuable you can become.

Other topic areas and systems to consider to deepen your skill set include:

  • SQL (structured query language)
  • NoSQL
  • “Big Data”
  • Hadoop
  • MS Access Operators
  • Boolean Logic
  • SFDC Apex Code
  • Pentaho/Revenue Cycle Explorer
  • Tableau

If you prefer to stay more of a marketer than a programmer or business intelligence analyst, then just take a few moments to become familiar with the above topics. Know where and when to call in an expert, and you will be sure to become a rockstar.