Marketo Summit 2015 – Here we come!

Will you be at this year’s Marketo Summit in San Francisco?

I will. Stop by and say hello!

Which Sessions Should You Attend?

This year I plan to visit the Champion track where several of my friends and top Marketo experts will share their operational experience to solve thorny problems. I highly recommend this if you are more on the Marketing Ops side or you need to solve those key questions and need some guidance.

If you are more on the executive or strategic side, or just starting to align teams, try the Executives and Strategy track.

The University on April 13: I recommend this for all new users and new customers. If you are experienced, then it is likely not worth the time or cash that you could spend on Sessions or consultants.

Also, if you are up for Certification, the Summit is a great time to take the exam because all of this is at the top of mind and people are charged up to talk Marketo. I’ll be there, will you?

The Tale of Two Lifecycles: Simplify Your Funnel Analysis

My session with Revenue Engine Marketing’s Jeff Coveney is custom made for those interested in building a trackable Sales Funnel. We cover two key methods: Revenue Cycle Model (RCM) and non RCM, but they work together to deliver the conversion numbers you need for your Board meetings. It’s going to be at 2pm on April 15 so come by if you are building an RCM. [Updated with new time! Mar 29].

Networking and Accelerating Your Career at the Summit

Remember the Summit is just as much about learning as it is about networking. Speak to the people seated next to you because you never know whom you will work with next! For me, the Summits have been a game changer for my career. If you are trying to break into demand generation with Marketo skills, or learn more about Marketo to get that job, this is one of your big chances to meet everyone who cares about marketing automation.

Feel free to reach out if you’d like to chat: hello [at]

See you there!

History of Marketing in One Giant Image

In the past five years, marketing has advanced tremendously with technology enabling ever more refined data and behavior analysis. What was once theory or a rule of thumb is now provable fact for your audience in ways that would make Mad Men drool.

But it is good to review how we got here. Marketing, it turns out, goes a long way back to the Egyptians who first branded their cattle in 2700 BC. It is important to review the history of your chosen profession because some of the great “innovations” of today are often re-hashed versions of what someone did 100 years ago. The great thing is that the direct marketing techniques of the 1960s-90s are today’s growth hacking tools with improvements in speed, data collection, and audience targeting.

Take a look at this infographic I helped create with the folks at RingLead and my friends at Perkuto. Perhaps it will spark an idea or two for you too!

Evolution of Marketing Infographic