Marketo User Guide is Now Free and Open Sourced

Marketing Rockstars Guide to MarketoIt’s been just over one year since the Marketing Rockstar’s Guide to Marketo appeared on the internet. I want to thank everyone who contributed, supported, and purchased the original guide.

Since Marketo has greatly improved their documentation and training videos, I have found it less necessary to fill in the gaps with extended step-by-step guides. And Marketo’s rapid development of new features means it is hard to update a new guide every year. Thus, I am going to post new features and other tips on this site and at

I still receive many requests for the Guide and decided to post the Guide again as an Open Source document. Back in December, I posted the original DOTX templates for you to use in writing your Marketo playbook.

Now I am posting the original 844 page DOCX file that you can use, read, edit, and delete from to build your very own Marketo Guide. In fact, under the Creative Commons ShareAlike with Attribution License, you are free to edit and re-share this document as well. Of course, this also means you should attribute the base work to me and this website. And do be careful with duplicate content. Reposting the Guide entirely on your website is going to lose you friends at Google ;)

Free – Marketing Rockstar’s Guide to Marketo

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Marketo Summit 2014 Schedule

Hi folks,

I’ll be at this year’s Marketo Summit with the team at If you’re interested in other sessions I recommend, please visit the Perkuto Blog.

In the meantime, here is my rough schedule if you would like to meet and discuss just about anything :) I may go to different sessions, so no guarantees here. If you would like to meet up, find me at a session, at the Perkuto booth, or you can tweet me @jdavidhill. I accept invitations to In-N-Out at any time ;)

April 6:

3pm: Marketo Certification Exam @ Hilton – yes, each year we have to do this.

7pm: Dinner

April 7:

1pm – 5pm – Partner Sessions @ Hilton

8pm: Dinner

April 8: The Big Day!

  • 8am: Create Gorgeous Dashboards with fellow Champion Pierce Ujainwalla
  • 10am: Lead Lifecycle Management for the Complex Sale with two masters – Eric Hollebone and Rhoan Morgan.
  • 11:50pm-12:20pm – Josh at the Champion Help Desk - Ask me anything!
  • 12:30p: General Session – Hillary and Phil.
  • 3:30p: Build a High Performance, High Velocity, Lead Generating B2B Machine with Bryan Sample.
  • 4:30p: Converting Trial Users to Paying Customers with Ed Masson – very curious how he’s built a freemium model.
  • 5:30p: Marketing Nation Expo Happy Hour
  • 7:30p: Gala!

April 9: The Second Big Day!

  • 9am: Beth Comstock’s Keynote – hear from the top CMO.
  • 12:30 – 1:00p – Josh at Champion Help Desk. Ask me anything!
  • 1pm: More Efficient, More Zen – Your Dream Marketing Team with Alexandre Pelletier of Perkuto
  • 2pm: Advanced Nurturing with Cheryl Chavez of Marketo.
  • 3pm: How to Take Intelligent Lead Nurturing to the Next Level with Champion Edward Unthank.

Which sessions are you attending? Tell us here!