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Marketing Rockstars Guide to Marketo

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Can I use this Guide to study for Marketo Expert Certification?

The guide covers some of the topics on the test, but Marketo does not endorse it as an official study guide. The Guide contains useful information for areas such as Lead Scoring and Admin in light of the new 2017 MCE test. Checklists and Filters Glossary are still relevant and nearly complete compared with the Official Docs. Please use as your primary Certification test reference as the test answers are all there. We are not responsible for whether you pass or fail the exam as we can not make that guarantee

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction - what this Guide is and is not and how to use it.
  • Getting Help with Marketo - all of your Support options.
  • Sub-domain Setup - key steps before turning on Marketo.
  • Administering Marketo - how to use the Admin Section (you can skip this if you aren't an admin).
  • Salesforce Integration - step by step how to setup the system the first time and how to troubleshoot. (also skip if this isn't your job)
  • Organizing Your Marketo - naming, folders, maintenance.
  • Lead Scoring - how to score leads well.
  • Data Management - how to manage data flows, change data flows, lists, and Segmentations.
  • Using in Marketo - the complete guide.
  • Sales Insight - Setup and best practices. Copies of the Sell Faster with Sales Insight booklet are available separately for your sales teams.
  • Building Forms in Marketo - complete tips and tricks and more.
  • How to AB Test Landing Pages in Marketo - what they don't tell you.
  • Subscription Management - how to setup various flows.
  • Email Reputation Management - how to keep your internet reputation intact with Marketo.
  • Email AB Testing in Marketo - how it's really done.
  • How to Use Analytics - everything you wanted to know in one place.
  • Nurturing in Marketo - tons of ideas and flow options. ** this is the older method. Does not include Customer Engagement Programs.
  • Appendix I: Checklists - use these checklists to prevent disaster.
  • Appendix II: Marketo Filters, Flows, and Triggers Reference Guide - the complete version.
  • Appendix III: Giant List of the Best Help Articles on the Community.