How to Build a Lead Scoring System in Marketo

Lead scoring is one of the first systems new marketing automation users want to build in Marketo. Building a great lead scoring system is easy once you take the time to do these four main steps:

  1. Find out what demographics and behaviors matter to Sales.
  2. Translate those preferences into relative ranks.
  3. Translate those ranks into scores.
  4. Use Marketo to build relevant Smart Lists and Workflows.

But wait, it isn’t that simple, is it? No, building a lead scoring system is not done in 4 steps. Lead scoring systems are one of the first things people do with marketing automation because it is a clear action to move forward. Marketo wrote an entire Guide to scoring [Link fixed] and left out a few steps for putting theory into practice.

Here’s how you can put lead scoring theory into practice in your own Marketo instance. This is a major win for anyone moving to inbound marketing with Marketo. You’ll show Sales and your manager that progress toward Sales-Marketing Alignment is happening and you’ll learn a ton about Marketo too.

How to Build a Lead Scoring System in Marketo [PDF – no links]

*Note: links in the pdf are not working right now. If anyone can help convert DOCX>PDF on a Mac or PC with working hyperlinks, email me: corrections [at]

How to Build a Lead Scoring System in Marketo [Slideshare – with links]

(updated Nov 30)


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