Marketo Crash Course

Marketo Lead Lifecycle Crash Course

The core function of Marketo is to help you automate and track your lead lifecycle -- the lifeblood of any B2B sales funnel. Marketo's powerful capabilities are a little intimidating at first! In this 3 hour course, you will learn all about Lead Scoring and using it to effectively manage lead flow to Sales. Each lesson is about 10 to 20 minutes long so you can learn step-by-step.


Build a Lead Scoring System

In this module, I'll show you all the tips and tricks to an efficient and powerful Lead Scoring machine in Marketo. This is the foundation of your marketing qualified gating mechanism as you prepare leads to sync to your CRM. Includes 7 major lessons in about 1-2 hours of work. Includes the same worksheets I use to prepare the system.


Sync Leads to Your CRM

In this module, I show you how the Marketo Sync work with your CRM. The 6 main lessons describe how Marketo handles lead management and how you can harness its power to manage leads effectively for your business. Lessons include:

  • Sync Basics
  • MQL Syncs
  • Dealing with Dupes
  • Deleting Leads (or don't!)
  • Salesforce functions


Bonus Videos!

Included are bonus videos with key tips on Lead Nurturing and Account Based Marketing -- all for free!

I'm ready to accelerate the funnel!

Learn how to use Marketo's Lead Lifecycle tools today.

$99.00 per student.

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May I have a refund?

I believe you will be very satisfied with the Course. This course has a 7 day guarantee -- if you aren't satisfied, send me a note within 7 days of purchase and I'll refund your money -- no questions asked. The course is short and full of years of experience, so I am unable to offer a longer refund time.

Can I transfer a seat to another team member if I leave my firm?


Seats are granted to individual students by email address. Course seats may be transferred to another student in rare circumstances. Please contact support [at]

Sharing logins is not permitted and may result in cancellation of your account without refund.

Hey, I paid for the course, but never got an email confirmation or was allowed to register. What gives?

Sorry about that! I appreciate your business. Please email courses [at] immediately.

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If I take your advice and something bad happens, can I hold you responsible?

No. By paying for the Course, you agree to not hold Josh Hill or Marketing Rockstar Guides responsible for any actions you take based on the training. The training will give you a good understanding of what to do in Marketo, however, you will need to carefully consider how to apply it to your unique situation.

If you choose to test or try the concepts during, or after, the training, you should first do this in a safe test environment such as a Marketo Sandbox, or a special folder. You should thoroughly test workflows on seed lists or test leads before going live.

The Course is meant to provide illustrations of how to use Marketo for business purposes. The examples are culled from best practices and years of experience. There is no intention to provide any advice leading to any specific result, business or otherwise. Please use the examples as a guideline; they may not always be appropriate for your business or your systems, so be careful. Please exercise common sense when applying examples to your business.

Josh Hill and/or Marketing Rockstar Guides do not guarantee any specific result to any purchaser or user of this course.

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