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Marketing Rockstar Guides helps you with Marketo and Salesforce training for your marketing teams. I can also conduct Marketo Sales Insight training for sales teams in small groups.

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As an experienced Marketo Certified Expert, Marketo Certified Analytics Expert, and Salesforce power user, I can train your marketing or sales teams to use both tools well, since I also used these tools as a marketer and as a salesperson.

I have successfully trained marketers to use Marketo and marketing technology around the world, in person, in Asia, Europe, North America, and South America.

Starting with a new system can be hard. Let me make it easier by showing you the right ways to run Marketo–from the beginning. Training courses can include:

  • Marketing Automation Rockstar’s Course – Learn the top 10 ways to use Marketo for actual Marketing.
  • Marketing Automation Rockstar’s Expert Course – Train to pass the Marketo Certification Exam.
  • Marketing Automation Rockstar’s Guru Course – Become a Marketo Master.

In my tailored training sessions, I will walk you through the initial setup (after the sync or before) of your Marketo instance. We will go through basics such as sending an email, templates, and users. If you have a good idea of the first 1 or 2 tasks you must do, we can also walk through those. Many clients ask for help migrating a newsletter over or sending an email to show results with Marketo. Let me help you do that faster.

My teaching philosophy is that doing connects the dots faster than telling. You and your team will drive Marketo the entire time while I guide you to the right places and actions.

To get started, contact me with details of you knowledge of Marketo and what you would like to learn. It’s best to do training sessions in groups of 1-4 people. I am available for sessions around the world.

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